Patient Testimonials

Dana Sharp

“Fabulous! I thought I was destined to spend the rest of my life in significant pain. With MAKOplasty, now I don’t. I can honestly say I am 99% pain free.”

Reba Johnson

“I was an active person until my 60s when knee pain began to get in my way. One of my nurses handed me a flyer about a presentation for robotic knee surgery. I went to Dr. Keith Johnson’s presentation on robotic MAKOplasty and made an appointment with Dr. Johnson. After reviewing my X-rays, he told me I was a perfect candidate for the surgery. I wanted bilateral knee surgery and told him I’d be his poster child. I was back to work in two weeks and two months out I thank God for putting Dr. Johnson in my life.”

William Collins

“Dr. Johnson is by far the best Ortho doctor around. I had multiple other doctors refuse to even see me because I’ve had 2 revisions prior. Dr. Johnson not only had me come in but he did my surgery. In my book he’s the best doctor I’ve ever seen. If you want things done right and have a doctor that listens to your concerns, come into Dr. Johnson and you’ll be as satisfied as I am.”

Paula K. Lawson

“In 2009 I was told I needed a total right knee replacement. I had worked orthopedic post surgery for 15 years and didn’t care for what this replacement was going to feel lik. So, I held off until I heard about Dr. Johnson and the Makoplasty. Dr. Johnson’s presentation had me ready to be healthier. On April 21, 2014 I had the surgery. I walked within hours with little pain and with a walker. In 4 days I walked without the walker and very little pain. I am so grateful for Dr. Johnson and the Mako procedure. Dr. Johnson has given me many years of activity abilities that I had thought not in my future. His talent is well matched to his personal and patient/ Doctor communication skills. Thank you Dr. Johnson.”

Salvador Rivera

“Before Dr. Keith Johnson performed surgery on my knees and right shoulder, I was in pain and couldn’t perform even light duties. After the surgeries I have a lot better quality of life, with no pain and no pain killers thanks to God and Dr. Keith Johnson.”

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Here is a copy of a couple of texts Dr. Johnson received from a weight loss patient during the initial round of medically directed weight loss:

Marc Rivera Quotes
"As of this morning (Day 4), I'm down 12 pounds!!! Thanks, Dr.!!!"

"(Day 7) Down 20 total lbs, I'm losing 3-5 a day!!! Thanks so much!!!

"Yesterday wasn't even hungry got busy and forgot to eat dinner...
My life isn't eating anymore."

- Down 27 lbs as of today (Day 10). I've also noticed a huge difference in how I feel and how food is making me feel. I feel so good.

-Officially hit 32 pounds lost this morning! (Day 25)
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